Waterworks International Splashpads!

The fun and excitement of interactive water play is no longer restricted to the big budgets.

"You control as much of the design process and installation as you choose which in turn allows you to control costs."

This easy-to-install and easy-to-maintain modular water play system emphasizes affordability, flexibility and accessibility. Waterworks International's Splashpads make interactive water fun a cost-effective option for park districts, day care centers, special education facilities, youth groups and community centers, zoos, and hotels of all sizes.

green designsGreen designs allow for minimal water usage ada accessibleADA accessible no lifeguard necessaryNo lifeguard necessary no pooling waterNo pooling water reduces liability
3 Event Cluster

Combine three of our deck sprays in one shallow vessel.

  • Have a Pop Jet, a Foam Jet and a Mist Jet all clustered together.
  • They can be programmed to all go off together or individually to perform a show.
  • Can be lighted at night for "shows".
  • A great ground effect for younger age groups.
  • One second the ground is erupting as a Pop Jet, then as a Foam Jet, then as a Mist Jet and suddenly all three are blasting away.
  • Perfect for smaller parks.
  • Can be placed anywhere on a Splashzone.
  • Ages 4 to 12.
3 Event Cluster
  • Specifications:
Flow 2-15 GPM
Pressure 20-25 PSI
Shallow Vessel 1" PVC Supply
1-1/2" PVC Drain



Power Supply 24 VAC - Solenoid valve located in the shallow vessel
Controller Required



Mounting System Shallow vessel mounting only
Footprint 2' to 6' diameter



Phone: (800) 932-3123
Category: Flush Mounted Ground Sprays

Splashpad Element Categories

Splashpads are made up of two categories of elements: We have an ever-growing list of  creative elements designed with fun and inspiration in mind.  To immerse yourself in the options begin by choosing one of the following Categories:

Above Ground Features:abovegroundelements


Flush Mount Ground Sprays:flushmountsprays

These exciting elements are made of rugged stainless steel construction and finished with a resiliant UV stabilized finish.  

These in gorund elements produce a wide array of effects from small foamy fountains to large glass-like arcs of water.