Stainles Steel Deck Jet

Easy to re-arrange broze insert water sprays provide the option of something "new" every season.

  • Compact, rugged construction with waterstop welded on. The waterstop has five holes, four for leveling and anchoring the body, and one for electrical bonding.
  • Tamper resistant bronze inserts requires a special tool to remove.
  • Threaded bronze inserts are interchangeable making it possible to change the spray patterns. This makes it easy to re-arrange the water park sprays and provide something "new" every season.
  • The bronze inserts are 2-3/8" in diameter. This allows enough access that should the stainless steel body become clogged, simply unthread the insert to clean the nozzle.
  • The stainless steel body is anchored and a PVC pipe feeds the nozzle from a solenoid valve mounted remotely. Concrete is poured flush with the top of the nozzle. Energizing the solenoid valve creates the spray out on the splashpad.

Stainless Steel Deck Jet
  • Specifications: not listed



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