Jumping Jets

Unique Laminar Flow technology that produces a jumping stream of glass-like water.

  • Synchronize Jumping Jets to perform a show.
  • Can be timed to jump to music.
  • Programmable Logic Controller contains different "water shows" in the memory.
  • Kids guess when the next Jumping Jet is going to fire so they can run into the stream.
  • Use as a stand alone feature, or combine with multiple Jumping Jets to perform shows.
  • Maximum jump to maintain laminarity of stream is 12'.
  • Streams stay laminar in an indoor setting or outside where there is little wind.
  • Can be made to jump from a flush-mounted deck vessel to another flush-mounted receptacle, from a flush-mounted deck vessel to a receptacle at a higher elevation (i.e.; from ground to 2nd floor balcony), or from a higher elevation to a lower elevation.
  • Ages: 5 to 15

Jumping Jets Jumping Jets
  • Specifications:
Flow 10 GPM, 100% Filtered Water
Pressure 15 PSI
Connection 1-1/2" PVC
Volume 0.4 CFM
Pressure 60 PSI
Connection 1/2" NPT
Lighted Jet ONLY   110V 4 amp per Jet
Control Panel   110V, 15 amp, GFI
Mounting System    Can be mounted in a poly vessel or hidden in a structure such as a fake rock or animals body.
Footprint    N/A



Phone: (800) 932-3123
Category: Flush Mounted Ground Sprays