Hydro Circle

Modular flush mounted spray bars shaped in a 180° arc. Can be combined make full circles or other shapes.


  • Hydro-Arcs create a half circular wall of water that jumps straight up.
  • Combine two Hydro-Arcs to create a complete circle.
  • The nozzles are capable of being cleaned and winterized with brass plugs.
  • Tamper proof removable brass inserts house the nozzle and are threaded into stainless steel sleeves that are imbedded in concrete.
  • Can be combined with Hydro-Rails to make unique geometric designs.
  • Ages: 4 to 20.
Hydro Circle Hydro Circle Hydro Circle
  • Specifications: not listed



Phone: (800) 932-3123
Category: Flush Mounted Ground Sprays