Crown Weave Jet

A large ground spray that produces an impressive weave of water .


  • Same as Crown Jet but with two rings of water instead of one. The center ring throws water in a tighter circle and high into the air. The outer ring throws water at a much lower height and further away from center.
  • Same aggressive "big" spray as the Crown Jet attracts the older kids.
  • Can be pulsed with the controller to start small and get real big; either slowly or with a dramatic flair!
  • Perfect large ground spray for larger water parks.
  • Use with the Crown Jet and other ground sprays to get a lot of space wet with a small budget.
  • Better suited for the older crowd as the Crown Jets throw lots of water at a higher pressure.
  • Ages: 7 to 15.

Crown Weave Jet
  • Specifications:
Flow 30 GPM
Pressure 25-35 PSI
Deck Jet 1" Threaded
Power Supply 24 VAC - Solenoid valve located in the control room
Controller Required
Mounting System    Stainless steel deck jet
Footprint    15' to 20' diameter



Download PDF Cut Sheet - CW_12175_CrownWeave(sales)8-10-11.pdf

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