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    Custom Built Fountains

    Our Specialty


    Custom built fountains are one of Waterworks International's specialties. We work closely with Architects, Engineers, Contractors and Designers to ensure your project is completed under budget, on time, and done correctly the first time.

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    Large or Small - Waterworks



    Our design team has over 100 combined years of experience creating fountains to your specifications. We have provided water effects, equipment and expertise to the likes of Disney, Universal Studios, Busch Entertainment, Six Flags and many, many municipalities, private businesses and individuals. No job is too small or too large for Waterworks International.

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    Working Magic with Water

    Awe Inspiring


    Since 1986 we have been shaping water to catch the eye and inspire awe. We take great pride in hearing people say, "How did they do that?". At Waterworks we never stop experimenting (okay, playing) with water to try to create new and unique effects to dazzle onlookers and provide entertainment.

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    Is it Water or Glass?

    Laminar Flow



    Waterworks International holds 16 patents onLaminar Flow nozzle technology which allows you to create unique features only available from Water Works.  Our "Jumping Jets" can span long distances while retaining thier solid appearance. 

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    Waterworks at Night

    Water + Light


    Waterworks International can fulfill your requirements whether you want to light up the night with dazzling colored laminar streams or amaze with architectural fountains that dance to music.

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Waterworks Architectual Fountains
At Waterworks fountains are our specialty: Our design team is capable of designing stunning, massive outdoor displays timed with music and lighting effects and fountains that rise hundreds of feet into the air.  In contrast we also create delicate and elegant stand alone fountains to compliment indoor decor.  Waterworks staff work closely with Architects, Engineers, Contractors and Designers to ensure quality.

-With our knowledge and experience your ideas will become reality.       

Laminar Flow Jumping Jets

Unique Laminar Flow technology that produces a jumping stream of glass-like water.


  • Synchronize Jumping Jets to perform a show.
  • Can be timed to jump to music.
  • Programmable Logic Controller contains different "water shows" in the memory.
  • Use as a stand alone feature, or combine with multiple Jumping Jets to perform shows.
  • Maximum jump to maintain laminarity of stream is 12'.
  • Streams stay laminar in an indoor setting or outside where there is little wind.
  • Can be made to jump from a flush-mounted deck vessel to another flush-mounted receptacle, from a flush-mounted deck vessel to a receptacle at a higher elevation (i.e.; from ground to 2nd floor balcony), or from a higher elevation to a lower elevation.

Laminar Flow Jumping Jets Laminar Flow Jumping Jets Laminar Flow Jumping Jets Laminar Flow Jumping Jets
  • Specifications:
Flow 10 GPM, 100% Filtered Water
Pressure 15 PSI
Connection 1-1/2" PVC
Volume 0.4 CFM
Pressure 60 PSI
Connection 1/2" NPT
Lighted Jet ONLY 110V 4 amp per Jet
Control Panel 110V, 15 amp, GFI
Mounting System Can be mounted in a poly vessel or hidden in a structure such as a fake rock or animals body.
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Phone: (800) 932-3123
Category: Architectural Fountain Elements