Blast Tower

An above ground tower effect that throws a column of water straight up between 40' and 60'.

  • Creates an audible "blast" that generates fun and excitement.
  • The falling spray creates anticipation as kids try to guess where the huge shower will land.
  • The falling spray is gentle, not a huge blob of water.
  • Should be placed near the center of a smaller splashpad to account for windy conditions (to contain the fallout).
  • This feature requires an air compressor and a controller.
  • Perfect for a large park.
  • Adds a lot of spontaneity.
  • Ages: 4 to 16.

Blast TowerBlast TowerBlast Tower

  • Specifications:
Flow 25 to 50 GPM
Pressure 20 PSI
Connection 2" PVC



Power Supply Low Voltage Required
Control Panel Required



Mounting System    Flange
Footprint    10' - 30' Diameter




Download PDF Cut Sheet - BT_11033_BlastTower(sales)4-1-09.pdf

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Category: Above Ground Water Features